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 LyonsShers Incorporated Sdn. Bhd. (685913-T)
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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Lyons Shers Incorporated a software company?
Software development is just one of the company's core business. Our main emphasis is on the broad area of Organization Development/ Human Resource.

2) Are you a Malaysian firm? If so, when were you incorporated?
Yes. Kuala Lumpur, 1998.

3) The name Lyons Shers is familiar. Is it a subsidiary of SMPD Management Consultants Sdn Bhd?
No. We are an associate company of SMPD Management Consultants Sdn Bhd.

4) Does your company offer books for sale? Who is the author?
Yes. Most of our books are written by Latiff Sher Mohamed.

5) Does Lyons Shers Incorporated do consulting work, such as Organizational Restructuring and Job Evaluations?
Yes. Consulting work is our specialty, and Organizational Restructuring and Job Evaluations are just a few areas to name.

6) What are the company's main activities?
Lyons Shers Incorporated main activities include the development of Human Resource / Management software products, profiling instruments, 'How To' Management books, Industrial Relations, Training and Management Development.

7) Does your company maintain international affiliations?
Yes. We have international affiliations with businesses in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

8) When was your website launched?
October 2001.

9) E-commerce is a relatively new way of doing business, especially in Malaysia. Why did  Lyons Shers decide to venture into this business?
Electronic commerce (E-business) is the most cost effective way of learning for both the organization and the individual. In line with Malaysia's vision to develop a k-economy (knowledge) Lyons Shers has ventured into this area to gain a head start over the competition. We realize that the Internet is a model of learning for the future, enabling the user to dictate not only when and where to begin, but to be able to study at his own pace. 

10) How many consultants work in Lyons Shers Incorporated?
We have a pool of 25 part and full time consultants in various specialties. Our team is diverse and experienced in all areas of Human Resource Management.

11) I would like to purchase your software and books. First, I would like a demo. Is this possible?
Yes. Demos can be arranged in our corporate office. Pease contact our staff.

12) I am a foreign company in Malaysia and would like to send my team for your Training & Management Development. However, I would prefer a foreign facilitator instead of a local. Can this be arranged?
Yes. Lyons Shers Incorporated recognizes that each company is unique, and therefore has 'unique' requirements. Our Training & Management Development can be tailored to suit your specific needs, and this includes the availability of both foreign and local expertise to conduct the workshops.

13) What makes Lyons Shers different from other consultancies in Malaysia?
We are much more broad based than most other consulting firms in Malaysia, that tend to offer only training programs. We are visionary and creative, with many 'firsts' in the country : We are the only company with more than 100 'HOW TO'  Manage in Malaysia books. Also, our team of experts were the first to develop the 'Malaysian Human Resource' software system and the 'Psychometric Profiling' system based on Malaysian norms.

14) Why should I be concerned about the Labour Laws?
Over the years, since the inception of the Industrial Court in the 1960s, workers rights are being safeguarded through the provision of new laws and awards. As such, employers need to be aware of these regulations before they take certain actions i.e.. dismissals. Ignorance can be costly, as proven by the marked increase of wrongful dismissal suits brought against the employer. A better knowledge and understanding of the Labour Laws can only be achieved when  practical information is available in an easy to understand format..

15) What is the Malaysian Labour Laws Wizard? 
It is a revolutionary software tool developed for easy retrieval of information, covering all aspects of the Malaysian Labour Laws. It is designed in a question and answer format, giving you instant information at your fingertips. Also, Management can generate standard action taken reports with ease, allowing for better integration among the organizations various departments, and in doing so minimize the potential for communication errors.